• Our purpose

    The right products, at the right price, in the right stores, in the right locations, at the right time. We negotiate and manage contracts, analyse data and work closely with our key customers to achieve our common goals, maximising opportunities, strengthening relationships and continuously evolving to keep pace with an ever-changing market.

  • Our goals

    We're customer experts with close partnerships and excellent relationships are the key to our success. Working with independent local retailers, nationwide operators and international brands, we develop new business, create joint business plans, provide category management services and capitalise on every available opportunity.

  • Our people

    Commercially focused creative thinkers who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, and have a deep love of data, numbers and excel spreadsheets; we have a real talent for turning dry facts into compelling business stories and creative, commercial solutions. 

  • Our people

    Our confidence, vision, attention to detail, and large amounts of patience, ensure that our key partners are happy, our current customer relationships continue to thrive, and we’re always prepared to make exciting new connections when we see an opportunity.

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